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Anti-Snoring (Devices and Treatment)

Snoring is caused by rapidly moving air that causes the soft tissues at the back of the mouth to vibrate creating the sound of snoring. Mild or occasional snoring may be alleviated by simple lifestyle changes such as losing excess weight, regular exercise and avoiding alcohol, heavy meals and medication that makes you feel drowsy, especially within three hours of bedtime.

There are numerous factors related to snoring they include:

  • Obesity

  • Smoking

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Allergies to dust & pollen

  • Medications such as sedatives & antidepressants

  • A custom made dental appliance is also available to help. It is worn in the mouth during sleep and is designed to prevent the soft tissues from vibrating/collapsing and in severe cases obstructing the airway. The device works on the principle of holding the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep in order to keep the airways open thus reducing the constriction that causes snoring.

    It is designed to fit your mouth accurately and comfortably. Whilst you may experience some stiffness in your jaw upon waking for the first few days you will quickly get used to wearing the device. Clinical studies show that a well made appliance will effectively reduce or eliminate snoring.

    An anti snoring device has numerous benefits that can have a positive overall effect on you and your partner’s lifestyle & well-being:

  • Cures insomnia (caused by snoring) for both you & your partner

  • Reduce headaches caused by sleep deprivation

  • Increased concentration & memory

  • Less irritable & more patient

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