Nice Happy Smiles at Maycroft Dental Practice

Long Existing Practice...

Dr. Carina Sharp took over the practice in 2010, and has been making some changes to the practice over the last 2 years.

Maycroft Dental Practice has been in existence for approximately 50 years, in Moreton, Wirral.

Looking after patients from Moreton and surrounding areas. Many of our loyal patients have been attending for over 40 years!

The practice is easily located on one of the main roads through Moreton, and has ample local parking facilities, and public transport links.

Over the past 2 years we have made lots of changes to our Practice, some include:

  • Improving the oral health of all the existing patients, and encouraging lots of prevention.

  • Changing and updating the surgeries.

  • Offering a late night.

  • Bringing in more qualified staff.

  • And lots more..

  • We are currently thinking about implementing a new online appointment booking service for our patients. Please let us know if you feel this service would benefit you.

    Our Hygienst

    A registered dental hygienist (RDH) is a licensed dental professional who specializes in preventive oral health, typically focusing on techniques in oral hygiene.

    Dental hygienists provide three types of services to their patients. The first of these is preventive services to promote and maintain good oral health. The second is educational services to help patients develop behaviours that promote better oral heath and help them understand the importance of practicing these behaviours. The third type of service provided is therapeutic services which are treatments meant to stop disease and maintain healthy tissues in the mouth.

    Here at Maycroft Dental Practice, we have our own in-house hygienist, she currently works on
    Thursday (late night also) /and Friday by arrangement.

    If you would like to request an appointment to see our hygienist, please get in touch.

    Please Note: we can also take referrals for Denplan emergencies, as we are Denplan accredited.

    Opening hours:

    Monday 08:30 - 5.00
    Tuesday 08:30 - 5.00
    Wednesday 08:30 - 5.00
    Thursday 08:30 - 7.00
    Friday 08:30 - 5.00


    172 Hoylake Rd,
    Moreton, CH46 8TQ

    Telephone number:

    0151 677 1067


    Opposite the Shell Garage on Hoylake Road.


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